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Tree Removal Services In Bristol And The Surrounding Areas

Here at Arbutus Tree Services, our team of experienced professionals efficiently handles tree removals of all sizes, addressing safety hazards, space constraints, and aesthetic improvements with precision and care. Looking for tree removal services in Bristol or the surrounding areas? You have come to the right place. Contact us today!

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We provide reliable tree removal services

Here at Arbutus Tree Services, we provide reliable tree removal services across Bristol and nearby areas. Our skilled team can safely and effectively remove trees of any size, handling both schedule projects and urgent situations. Whether you require tree removal for construction purposes, hazard mitigation, or to enhance your property's appearance, we offer customised solutions to meet your requirements.

We are committed to safety, responsible environmental practices and client satisfaction. At Arbutus Tree Services, we guarantee meticulous handling of your tree removal project. Count on us for dependable and exceptional service that goes beyond your expectations.

Contact us today! We are more than happy to discuss your requirements.

Tree surgeon hanging from ropes in the crown of a tree using a chainsaw to cut branches dow

What are the reasons for tree removal?

1. Safety Hazards: Trees that are diseased or structurally compromised pose significant risks. Removing such trees prevents potential hazards like falling branches or toppling during storms, safeguarding people and property.

2. Disease And Pest Control: Infested or diseased trees can spread pathogens to nearby healthy trees. Removing them helps prevent the further spread of diseases and pests, preserving the health of other vegetation.

3. Space Constraints: In urban or residential settings, trees may need removal to create space for new construction, infrastructure projects, or landscaping improvements. 

stump of a tree with lake and mountains on a background
Man's hands hold a chainsaw against a fallen tree as wood chips shoot in all directions

4. Structural Integrity: Trees growing too close to buildings, power lines, or other structures can cause damage over time. Removal may be necessary to prevent root damage, foundation issues or interference with utility lines.

5. Risk Mitigation: Proactive tree removal reduces liability risks for property owners. Addressing potential hazards promptly minimises possible accidents or legal issues related to tree related damages.

6. Environmental Considerations: In some cases, tree removal is necessary for ecological balance, such as invasive species management or restoring native habitants.

Amazing Customer Reviews

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"Excellent service from Arbutus Tree Services recently. They cut down and removed an overgrown fir tree in my back garden and another tree at the side of my drive, then pruned back the shrubs in my front garden which were overhanging the public footpath. They did all of this in the pouring rain and in less than three hours, taking all the garden waste with them. Very impressed and would certainly use this company again, and would highly recommend them."
- The Dubells

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